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Everyone is invited to the Christmas Family Feast!

The Salvation Army Christmas Family Feast

December 25 | 11:00am - 2:30pm

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The Wisconsin Center has all the amenities you need from electricity to internet, catering to cleaning. Everything you need to make an impression.


We have enough space to hold 1,000 vendors and 10,000 consumers, with enough walking room to make you feel welcome, never cramped.


Our staff works harder than any other in the area to keep dirt and garbage out of sight so your products can really shine.

Yesterday’s event was amazing, and I want to thank each and every one of you and your staff at the Wisconsin Center and Levy. Everyone from the young man at the door to the servers, bartenders, lighting and sound and set up were very, very friendly, helpful and really did an awesome job!

-Wendy Norem

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Private Event

December 10

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Box Office: 400 W. Wisconsin Avenue (414) 908-6000